Team Tours to USA

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Take your team on the tour of a lifetime where everything is bigger and better: the US of A! Head to cities like New York, Boston, Seattle, Washington and more where you will be hosted in unrivaled facilities fit for any professional team. Rugby is very spread out in the USA, you will find it is strong on the west coast in both San Francisco and Seattle and on the east coast there is rich rugby belt that runs from Boston down to Washington including New York and Philadelphia. See iconic sights on your tour including the Statue of Liberty, the White House and the Grand Canyon. Set foot in some of the most famous places on the planet including Hollywood’s Santa Monica Boulevard and Venice Beach Boardwalk, Warner Brothers Studios, Disneyland in Florida or The Strip in Las Vegas. Fit in a couple of fixtures and you have the team tour you could only wish for! Get in touch and we can begin fine tuning the details of your tour and get you on your way to the USA!


Team Tours to America

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